From April 27

UNVANISH, a lifestyle brand based on perfume oil, was founded in Itaewon in December 2022 and is now available at Toranomon the Gifts.

The lineup, which focuses on unique fragrances that incorporate aromatherapy and the " characteristics of oils," is characterized by a non-greasy texture that blends with the skin, wrapping it in a personalized fragrance while mixing with body heat. The company uses biodynamic agriculture as much as possible in the production of raw materials, eliminates ingredients harmful to the human body and the environment, uses environmentally friendly packaging, is cruelty-free, and supports the community in the creation of clean beauty products.

The POP-UP STORE will feature three different scents of roll-on type oil perfume, body oil, and hand & body wash.

FIRST BODY, Ambenisch's signature fragrance, evokes a seductive human body odor with sweet saffron mixed with spice and woody notes; the elegant and clean scent of aldehydes tickles the nose, while floral notes swaying in the sea breeze remind one of the fresh air of a meadow, harmoniously blending with the freshness of the sea.

SEA OF GREEN, a dignified fragrance with the softness of musk and sandalwood.

FOGGY HINOKI FOREST, a calming scent of woody notes united with cool cloves in a forest rain with the scent of earthy patchouli and bark.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the perfect lineup for gift-giving.

- Release Date -

April 27 (Sat) - April 29 (Mon)

11am ~ 8pm


2-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2F, Toranomon Hills Station Tower